SMT Assembly

Camtronics Vale has fully automated PCB assembly lines with the capability to place up to 40,000 components per hour. This equipment allows us to offer high volumes of surface mount technology as well as short runs. 

The equipment we operate can place BGA’s, QFN’s, packages from 0402 to 50mm2, and using a fixed camera, devices of 70mm2. Our placement is accurate to 100 microns and 60 microns for leaded devices. 

We use intuitive New Product Introduction (NPI) software wizard for 100% new product verification prior to first run. This allows us to produce reliable and accurate products for all of our clients. We also use intelligent feeder trolleys which help to reduce set up and change over times thus improving our responsiveness and flexibility.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) provides an automated visual inspection of our electronic assemblies to ensure they are of the quality level that we expect. AOI offers a more accurate and faster inspection than manual inspection which again helps up to produce reliable and high quality PCB assemblies. AOI can also detect defects early in the production process which helps us to offer competitive pricing as it reduces the risk of costly rework later in the production process. AOI is a quality tool which can be used on high volume assemblies, as well as short runs or prototypes.