Camtronics Vale: The UK's most experienced LED placement solution providers


Camtronics Vale place millions of LEDs a year for lamp, luminaire and specialty products that can be proven to show some of the best reliability and yield statistics in the industry. Keeping or moving manufacture in Europe is generally for two reasons – quality and flexibility. Camtronics has the specialist expertise, approach, relationships, and size to ensure that these objectives are met.

  • Bespoke tooling for best handling of LEDs
  • Industry leading knowledge of material & handling issues related to reliability and yield
  • Excellent supply chain relationships
  • Field proven quality through experience placing millions of LEDs
  • Competitive short runs
  • Cost effective larger volumes
LED Placement in the UK at Camtronics Vale
Bespoke Tooling for LED Placement at Camtronics Vale
Cost Effective Volume Manufacture at Camtronics Vale

High Quality LED Placement

We are a leading LED placement company. Our vast experience has helped our customers achieve a failure rate of less than one in one thousand luminaires. We have experience in working through the issues of placing LEDs and consistently produce high quality, reliable products.

Bespoke Tooling

Where required, we are able to procure bespoke tooling specifically designed for placing particular LEDs. This satisfies the specific handling requirements of the devices, helps us maintain accuracy of placement, and ensures a high quality final product.


Cost Effective Volume Manufacture

We place millions of LEDs every year and are able to offer cost effective solutions for volume manufacturing and short runs.  We are small enough to be flexible and adaptable but have also invested in a fully automated SMT line to support higher volume requirements.